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    AvatarMatt Oldfield NRW

      Hello everyone,

      I know there are a lot of WISKI users among us and we have an odd issue, I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing anything similar?

      At NRW some users are complaining that the sizes of the Icons on their system are too small to see within WISKI Graph  explorer windows and in SKED.

      Users are generally using 56cm Monitor with Screen Resolution at 1920×1080. The icons have become so small they are almost unusable and are affecting eyesight. See screenshot. It seems to be user specific as other users have commented that although the icons are small they are the usual small size. We  have tried all settings within WISKI but while they affect some buttons and text, they do not have an effect on the icons that are tiny. We have also tried logging into different machines, accounts and using zoom within the computer settings (but this negatively affects everything else).

      Users are reporting it may be related to switching between using different monitors but users have checked they are still the same screen resolution.

      I know it is hard to tell from the screenshots but I think if you are experiencing this, you will understand what I mean.

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        Hi I have not experienced this. I will have a word with our internal Wiski-support and see if they have heard about it or user complains.

        Mike, SMHI, Sweden

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        Ok I got some answers now.
        We installed a new version of Wiski and during that process the icons got really small. The installation needed some setting and then they reinstalled the version and the problem was gone.

        Kisters probably have some ideas how.

        I can also try to ask the installation tech if they remember.

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          AvatarMatt Oldfield NRW

            Hi Mikael,

            Thank you so much for checking with your WISKI support, This is really helpful. Just knowing that this is a genuine issue that can be fixed is massively useful. I will ask Kisters to check in with your WISKI support team to see if  they can share how it was fixed together.


            really appreciate the help.



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