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    Hello all!

    First of all, welcome to these forums. They were created as a way to afford a platform for discussion among hydro* people with the closing of the yammer network. The yammer network had some 400-500 users at the time of closing and has proven an invaluable resource over the years for a lot of us, and the hope is that this forum will be able to fill those very big shoes. At the time of writing we are 123 users, which is very good, but there are still a lot of room left.

    We wanted to create a platform that was not intrinsically linked to a specific agency and their changing IT-policies, that was low-cost and therefor not really dependent on budgets. We hope this move will ensure longevity.

    Nick Everard and Sam Everitt who organized the Yammer forum are also part of this forum and it’s adminstration.


    The group behind the forum is an informal group of river people who have met regularly over the years to discuss hydrometry in general and hydroacoustics in particular.

    The group consists of people from quite a large number of hydrological agencies across the world who in later years are quite focused on the continued funding and development of QRevInt, a fork of the USGS Qrev software as well as a Mid/Mean section version of Qrev called QRevMS. Both are created by Dave Mueller, formerly USGS, who is now working in his own company called Genesis Hydrotech.

    There will be more information about the group in the weeks to come including member presentations and the group charter.

    A few final requests.

    Be patient while we get everything in running order. This forum is very much a work in progress and was created with a degree of haste.

    Participate and contribute! If we want this platform to survive we need to be active and discuss. The early days of any forum are the most critical, so I urge everyone to start threads or reply to existing ones. We know from the Yammer network that the people in the community are all friendly and willing to help and share experiences.

    All the best

    The International Hydrometry Group, via Daniel Wennerberg (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute)

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