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    Hey all, Has anyone heard of, or better yet tested, a waterproof remote for remote controlled boats?

    We got ARC boats and RQpods and the controls are too sensitve to rain. There is a rain cover that works ok, but using that and the laptop on solo trips can be tricky. The fabric on the rain cover can change the joy sticks while you with one hand give commands to the ADCP.

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      Answer by E-mail from Xylem Nick Martin. Who is one of the creators of the rQPOD.

      I have searched in the past for a waterproof remote but the only ones that I have found are for radio controlled cars and these are not suitable.


      Most of the aeroplane/heli/drone remotes are not waterproof as it is dangerous to fly in the rain as the risk of loosing your model is very high so no one makes one.


      We do however provide a cover which helps a lot but its not always practical.


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      Nick EverardNick Everard

        Sorry Mike, no suggestions here, but I too would be keen to find a solution!

        DJI now has a drone that can fly in the rain, so maybe things will change soon!

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        I have tried to find a waterproof remote control as well, with no luck. In Norway we have broken two of them due to rain. The good news is that they are “off the shelf” from your local dealer. The bad news is that it takes half a day to program them, and that is if you do it correctly the first time! (I broke the first of them myself. It did not even cross my mind that it could not be waterproof)

        On a side note: It is possible to have several setups on them, so that you can use the same remote for the ARC boat or the rQpod. And for the rQpod, it shall be possible to program it so that you have both trottle and turning on the same stick. That would ease one-person operation!

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