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    AvatarRana Bengül

      Hi All,

      I’m looking for an USV with jet drive but the only one I can find is the SL40 from Ocean Alpha. Do you know any other USV that are not using the “normal” propellers but any kind of other drive? I’m getting really annoyed with vegetation issues and would like to find out whether there is another working solution for an USV.


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        Hey! In another post I listed these below and I think there might be one or two with jet drive. I remember the fast RiverDrone France.

        The surfbee got one air propeller for side adjustmets at the banks.

        Once I tested a prototype the rQpod with water jets. Problem was that it stopped working when tiny stones entered the jets.


        rQPOD, Xylem SonTek

        Arc Boat Lite, HR Wallingford

        Arc Boat, HR Wallingford

        Riverdrone France

        Q (also Z) boat OceanScience

        Q (also Z) boat 1250 OceanScience

        Apache 4

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        AvatarRana Bengül

          Hi Mikael,

          thank you for you quick response! Yes, the surfbee has the additional air propeller, but I don’t think it helps with the vegetation issue in the water. But it is a nice addition for maneuverability, at least I would think so. Ocean alpha has the SL40 but the  other USVs on your list are all using a propeller drive (as far as I know).

          I didn’t know that a jet drive is so sensitive. Is that normal and are “only” small stones a problem or could floating vegetation be a problem es well?
          Are there any other types of drive on the market that are used in USVs?


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          Not that I know of. I thougth the French RiverDrone was jet driven, Alex Hauet do you know?.. I just remebered we quickly had problems with small stones jamming the jets on the rQpod prototype. There are probably different water jets too, like in my ScubaJET for my stand up paddle board.

          For the propeller motors (the three different ones we at SMHI use) there are electric motors with drive belts (big ArcBoat) and electric motors with props water cooled and water lubricant (rQpod and ArcLite).



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            AvatarRana Bengül

              Thank you for the additional information!

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              Hi all, we have a small jet boat we use here for survey work mainly, not ADCP gauging’s – although it can be. We are still looking at developing this further with a better hull design to aid ‘ferry gliding’ across the transect/section better.

              Not in any sort of commercial stage as yet sorry, but could be built on request I’m guessing.


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                AvatarRana Bengül

                  Hi Evan,
                  does survey work mean, that a multi beam can be installed as well?

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                  I would think so, mainly been depth sounders and ADCP to date.

                  Remember, if weed affects the props it will also be sucked into the jet intake – but nothing hanging down so does have some advantages (shallow/gravel ok).


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