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    Hello all,

    At the very end of the meeting, only Kevin, Dave, Mikael and myself had a small discussion.

    It would be quite helpful if there was a format that was common to all discharge measurements.

    • Any hydrological data software would only have to be able to ingest a single type of measurement file.
    • Researchers etc. would not need need a large array of different software to view discharge measurements.

    Obviously, with Qrev we have the same format for moving boat measurements with an ADCP. Dave seemed certain that it would make sense and not be very difficult to harmonize Qrev-MS with Qrev (thereby getting both MS and moving boat measurements in the same data format).

    If we then can perhaps pull in FlowTracker into Qrev we are one step closer, and perhaps Gabe can be persuaded to adhere to the same format. Mark could perhaps nudge Hydrosoken to do it for HydroSTIV, and Alex for Fudaa-LSPIV?

    If we get enough traction and users of this common data format, perhaps the rest will follow (Nivus flowstick, Sommer Tracer?) Sontek and TRDI could perhaps do it straight out of WR2, RSL/RSQ eventually?


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