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      Check out the new RC Boat option =

      Popular here in NZ and Aussie, we are no longer purchasing Oceanscience or Arch Boats now.

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        I saw a demo at the NZHS Technical Workshop and spoke with the developer. I was impressed with both what he had developed and in talking with him, his knowledge and approach. I haven’t used one, but from the perspective of an onlooker and early developer of remote-control boats, I was very impressed.


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        AvatarMic Clayton

          I had a day with Evan last week putting the new Scout version through its paces. It is a mid size solution. Max speed 1.8m/2 forward, 0.8m/s lateral thrust,  with angled thrusters

          We ran it on a stream with a maximum surface velocity of 0.08 m/s and there was a gusty upwind occurring.

          Its amazing when you put a boat with an outboard jet motor (40HP) on a pond to set up a line and suddenly Safety thinks you are going to kill yourself, then when you tell them you have just the right solution – it all becomes too expensive in their mind!!!!!

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          AvatarMic Clayton

            I’ll throw a bit of a vid with Youtube link up shortly

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            AvatarMic Clayton

              Here is my unlisted Youtube video.


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              It looks quite interesting and has garnered quite a lot of interest in our group as well. I know Surfbee has registered on these forums so I alerted them to this discussion.

              I do love that their remote control is somewhat waterproof…


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                Thanks Mic for sharing the video, and a shout-out to Daniel for pointing me to this post.

                For any technical discussions or inquiries related to our Surfbee range, please feel free to post your questions here in the forum. Alternatively, you can directly reach out to We are here to help with any detailed information or support you might need!

                Some detail on Autonomous Stationary and Moving Boat methods.

                autonomous surfbee ADCP gauging

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