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      This is a brief update to let you know that SonTek has released IQ software and firmware version 4.0 and these are now available on the web ( for download and installation. IQ software and firmware v4.0 includes file system changes to address recorder errors, improved reliability of SDI-12 communications, and enhancements and bug fixes to address overall communication issues. SonTek recommends that IQ users update both the software and firmware. See attached release notes for details.

      Note: Users must upgrade to software 4.0 before installing firmware 4.0 to avoid errors. Upgrading the firmware may take longer than usual, as the software will perform a format of the internal memory card prior to installing the firmware. Users should download all data on the recorder prior to starting the firmware upgrade, as data will be unrecoverable after the recorder format. Due to the changes to the file system, once the format has been completed the total available recorder space will decrease to 1.0 GB (enough space to hold >1 year of data for most sampling settings).

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        Cheers Daniel!

        I think we will have to modify our sampling regime a bit. Will this help with the issue of the instruments being nearly impossible to communicate with as the memory was filled?


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          Daniel – This firmware does contain updates/fixes to address issues that were occurring when the recorder filled up and the system tried to create a new file.

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