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    Hi all. How about compiling a wish-list for what we want from manufacturers of remote controlled boats?
    I’ll start:

    • HR Wallingford ARC boat: Please make a retrofit option to attach the motor directly to the propeller shaft. The drive belts are a nightmare! And it stops people from wanting to use the boat.
      Sontek rQpod: I want a high speed rQpod!
    • All manufacturers: In NVE we use FPV cameras (no latency) pointing 90 degrees  to the side to aid navigation on the  far bank. The cameras we use (waterproof and built-in tansmitter) are no longer possible yo buy. Make this an option for your boats! (I know that RiverDrone does so). Video showing how we do it here:
    • All manufacturers: Tool to measure distance to shore (on far bank). Lidar (RiverDrone has one). UltraSound? Laser? Camera? (Like a reversing camera on a car. Several cameras and “sky view” like on some cars?)
    • All manufacturers: A low cost auto-pilot like on a DJI drone.
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      Nick EverardNick Everard

        I’d agree with all of your suggestions, Kristoffer!

        I would also add –

        • Consider designing a boat as a sensor platform for multiple applications, so that it is easier to fit and power multiple sensors (a pickup truck rather than a taxi)
        • Develop an option to collect water samples
        • Develop a winch to allow lake monitoring
        • A waterproof RC controller would be good!
        • Supply boats with a trolley
        • Consider offering integrated heading GPS – a boat hull provides for a much longer baseline than say a V102 or similar, and avoids the awkward top-heaviness
        • Develop an effective propulsion system that is unaffected by weed
        • Offer long range comms options (that are easy to set up and reliable!)
        • Add a sensor to detect surface flow speed (a challenge on a moving boat, but I guess bottom tracking or GPS could solve for boat speed
        • LOWER COST (I have not been able to buy any boats since moving to UKCEH as we have not had the budget to do so!)
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        “…waterproof RC controller…” Yes, absolutely!

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        Hi all,

        Very good suggestions. The waterproof RC is sorely needed..

        To add to the flora of RC-boats for ADCP, here is another one:

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