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    AvatarKatarina Stensen

      Hi all!

      How do you work with quality check and quality control of long hydrological time series? At SMHI we investigate possibilities to improve quality of hydrological data for climate studies. We look at both manual correction due to for example different rating curves, change in daily measurement routines etc. but also automatic control with different homogenization methods. It would be very interesting to hear about your different experiences and working methods.

      Best regards

      Katarina Stensen, Maud Goltsis Nilsson and Marie Bergstrand

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        Nick EverardNick Everard

          A very good question…..

          I think Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC!) are doing some good work on this.

          Can I tag @Francois Rainville to draw him to this discussion? (Not sure that functionality works here….?!)


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            AvatarKatarina Stensen

              Hi, thank you for the answer. Francois has contacted us and we will continue the dialogue from there. /Katarina


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            Mads-Peter Dahl (mpda AT nve.no) has organized long time quality control of time series in Norway. I’ll ask him to reply here (he is on summer holiday until 24 July)

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              AvatarKatarina Stensen

                Thank you! We are still interested in hearing from him.


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