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      I believe that our next IHG meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 14 from 18:00-20:00 UTC. Please check that your calendar converts UTC time correctly to your time zone.

      Would you please take some time and think of agenda items that you would like to be discussed during the next meeting?  Please reply to the forum with your suggestions as soon as you can, but preferably by Friday in order to allow time to put the agenda together.  We will however, consider topics whenever they are submitted.

      Remember that for every meeting we plan on allotting 10 min each for two members to provide a brief update on things that you/your agency are working or need help with.  We are rotating among the members.  So we need two members to volunteer.  If you don’t volunteer, you may be ‘nominated’!  Plan on  about 10 min each.  Please remember that the scope of our ‘charter’ includes all aspects of hydrometry!

      Notes and agenda for the last meeting are available in the 2023_07_03_agenda_minutes tab at https://tinyurl.com/263c5n7z


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