Hydrometric games 2024-05-22–23 – France

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      EPTB Grands Lacs de Seine and Groupe Doppler Hydrométrie are organizing an interlaboratory comparison on Wednesday, May 22 and Thursday, May 23, 2024, in the commune of Mesnil Saint-Père, near Troyes, downstream from Lake Orient.

      Measurements will be made in trapezoidal channels, with slow to very slow velocity conditions.

      It will be possible to take measurements using mobile ADCP, stationary ADCP, current meters (any type) on wading rods, or by tracer dilution (salt, Rhodamine, Uranine).

      In short, a major hydrometry event!

      Already 40 teams are pre-registered!

      We kindly ask you to fill in the table here : https://lite.framacalc.org/mkrolm4ygl-a52d to notify your intention to participate (no commitment for the moment).

      Please indicate, by organization, how many teams could participate, and which method(s) you would like to deploy (1 row = 1 team).

      Please fill in this table of intentions before 15/02/2024 (registration deadline extended).

      Hope to see you there!


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