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      At the end of our last meeting we decided that we needed to discuss goals for the next year for our organization.  Please submit your thoughts on goals for the coming year.

      I suggest that one goal for 2024 is to take steps to try to minimize duplication of work.  A task related to this goal (for example) might be to arrange meetings to review and collaborate on QRev related tools which have similar functionality, including mapping capabilities, batch processing and data analysis (QRame and a USGS inhouse utility, etc.).

      I also suggest that we find a non-QRev related topic to focus on in 2024.

      I look forward to your suggestions.


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        Word from Kristoffer in WhatsApp:

        • look into building a comparison database for tool/instruments/methods we use to measure discharge.


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        Other good ideas I have from Kevin, in the same WhatsApp group:

        • Surface velocity measurements
        • primarly for discharge but other applications as well
        • How do we reduce duplication of work between various groups
        • Dilution gaugings
        • Enhancement of velocity mapping tools
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          Nick sent this email to me:

          1 and 4 are closely related.

          …..I have this vision that we gradually build up a database of river bathymetry (or at least cross-sections) from our ADCP data, and then start to add to it the hydraulics, so we can have the essential foundations in place to enable non-contact observations all over the place…! Velocity mapping tools may be a part of this….

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