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      In our call on Monday we discussed how we can get more participation in the forum. It was suggested that each of us make an effort to share information about the forum (or forums or fora) with our colleagues and contacts. Perhaps we could each send a message to our colleagues about the availability of the forum? If we organize or attend meetings like the recent NZHS (New Zealand Hydrological Society) technical workshop) for example, or training sessions in some aspect of hydrometry, perhaps we can share this same information about our group and the forum.

      I have taken the liberty of drafting a kind of message (which does not have to be used).  Perhaps we can look it over and provide input, or just write your own?  BTW what is the email address for IHG?

      The International Hydrometry Group has created a forum for exchanging information on various aspects of hydrometry. They would like to make the forum a means for sharing new developments in hydrometry (e.g. new instruments or methods), answering questions about hydrometry issues, sharing info about research projects that may affect hydrometry, etc. All aspects of hydrometry should be considered open for discussions and questions, everything from surface-velocity, stage, bathymetry, or rainfall measurements to computation and analysis of hydrologic records. Please take a moment and register for the forum at https://internationalhydrometrygroup.org/?page_id=109, and share this information with your colleagues.  [I thought about adding this to the message but wonder if we don’t have to say it??? This forum was created after the Yammer forum had to be taken down and is therefore no longer available.]

      The International Hydrometry Group (IHG) is a voluntary working group focused on advancing methods, technologies, and standards within hydrometry to share with the international water monitoring community. IHG (https://internationalhydrometrygroup.org/) members have recognized the value of information sharing and collaboration on topics of mutual interests. For example, members of this group have funded the development of the international version of QRev (https://www.genesishydrotech.com/qrevint), for example. If you have questions please use the forum or send email to ??????.

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