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      I am not sure the best way to do this, but for the moment, I am providing a link to the draft minutes.  After giving you a few days to edit or send changes to me, I will post it here.  Here is the link to the minutes:


      Perhaps you can also comment on the best way to do this.  For example:

      1. Should I just enter the notes in plain text into the forum as a post, versus a link to a file?
      2. I can also do that except add a bit of formatting available in this forum software.
      3. Should I just link to the spreadsheet? (this might be something that Kristoffer and I discuss but your input could be helpful).
      4. Do we even need to keep minutes around for a record of our interactions?


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        I would prefer they stay in the spreadsheet to maintain easy access and consistency. A post to the forum could announce the availability and provide links to any supporting documents.


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        We could have a sticky forum post with a link to the Agenda document. I could also use a calendar tool to show information about up coming meetings.


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