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    Hello all,

    After having used toughbooks and then gone over to Dell Latitude 7424 Rugged Extreme (It’s a rugged behemoth, and after two years I’ve grown to appreciate the screen size (14″)) it seems that the new computer will be a Dell version of the toughbooks tablet style computer.

    You can add a backlit keyboard and then it becomes very similar to the toughbook tablets.

    Does anyone have any experience with them? I think it looks quite good with decent specs, but then again, the small form factor does mean there is some compromise with processing power and options available. I will miss my 7424 and the amount of graphs and windows I can have in WR2 etc…



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      Nick EverardNick Everard

        No experience with it.

        Interested to know how you find working with a tablet – I never took keyboard off my CF20 to operate in tablet mode as I found F keys etc so useful…!

        (Then again, I curse every car that ditches a physical control for something requiring 8 prods of a touchscreen….!)

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        I’m of the same mind Nick, I don’t see how it would be feasible to do most Q-measurements without a keyboard. We have also moved to a web-based interface for all site notes, so theres even more need for a keyboard.

        We haven’t moved to the new field computer yet (our current laptops have a couple of years worth of life in them yet), but I thought it would be good to hear if anyone had any experiences since that is the likely replacement in the event of a catastrophic failure of any of the current laptops.


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        Hi all,

        So, we finally got a new hire who was given the above tablet as her first field computer.

        She hasn’t used it extensively yet but is not very happy with its performance so far. It is top heavy and tends to tip backwards and there are some connection issues between the keyboard and screen. I will ask her to give a more in depth review of it.

        I heard that the ports are indeed waterproof even with the port covers open.



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