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    Hello all,

    I’ve kept in touch with Niksa Orlic from Geolux about the possibility of adding an SVR on an ADCP and with Dave Mueller about integrating the data into Q-rev somehow.

    I will ask our mechanical engineer to construct a mount for the RiverPro. (I’m uploading the schematics for the sensor in this topic).

    Communicationswise they will solder a male DB9 and make sure it is compatible with the Parani SD-1000 pin assignments. As a first step I think we will just pull data by capturing the serial stream with Putty and timestamp it with computer clock. If I have time I will try to make a cable that can go from the SVR to the RiverPro and we can try to bring the data in as a faux NMEA string. Typical serial settings are.115200 8n1, no flow control, which should be good for the Parani and manageable for the RiverPro. I hope the baudrate doesn’t mean it sends truckloads of data though.

    Dave: Niksa will supply us with some sample data very soon so we can have a go at deciphering it and see if is easily combined with ADCP-data in Q-rev.

    We are trying to nail down a date for the first trials, but its looking like late August or early September.

    All the best



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      We (or rather Tomas, our mech wizard) have now created a rig for the sensor which should raise it 25 cm above the water level with an adjustable tilt-angle for the RiverPro Trimaran.

      What’s left is to figure out how to log and timestamp the data from the SVR.


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      We got the SVR now and will in a few weeks be able to test it! Looking forward to share results from it together with the ADCP data.

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