3D-printing for Hydrometry?

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    Hi all,

    We recently acquired a 3d printer (creality K1 MAX) which is able to print 300x300x300 mm large objects.

    So far we have printed a plethora of small toys with no use whatsoever to experiment, but also a spare part for a leica digital level (saving us a lot of money on replacements) as well as a transducer cap for TRDI StreamPro.

    The cap was my first attempt at 3d-modelling anything and I’m pleased to say it actually fit very snugly. As the transducer protrudes a bit below the trimaran hull and I left some air at the bottom any shocks will basically be transferred from the cap to the hull instead of to the transducer head. I printed using a flexible plastic filament so it is not super rigid meaning its easier to attach and detach. It is also bright white and not as easy to misplace. I added some girth and size so it will be easier to handle with gloves in sub-zero temperatures. I’ll add a picture of it mounted as soon as I get back to the office.

    Im attaching the .stl file as well as the freecad project file if you have a printer so you can slice it and print it or add improvements. Perhaps some structures around it to get a better grip, or something to attach a lanyard and just have it attached to the trimaran?

    I think next up is trying to model some battery cases, various signs for instrument cases and the workshop as well as a GPS-mount for SP trimarans.

    Has anyone done anything useful with 3d-printers and wants to share?


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        Pretty cool!

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        A couple of iterations later we added some knurling as well as a hook for a lanyard. Latest iteration is without the hook and instead we made a hole that we thread some paracord through which also acts as a drain hole and vaccuum release 🙂
        Theres a distinct risk of overengineering when you have your own 3d printer, thats for sure!

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