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Nick EverardNick Everard

    I’d agree with all of your suggestions, Kristoffer!

    I would also add –

    • Consider designing a boat as a sensor platform for multiple applications, so that it is easier to fit and power multiple sensors (a pickup truck rather than a taxi)
    • Develop an option to collect water samples
    • Develop a winch to allow lake monitoring
    • A waterproof RC controller would be good!
    • Supply boats with a trolley
    • Consider offering integrated heading GPS – a boat hull provides for a much longer baseline than say a V102 or similar, and avoids the awkward top-heaviness
    • Develop an effective propulsion system that is unaffected by weed
    • Offer long range comms options (that are easy to set up and reliable!)
    • Add a sensor to detect surface flow speed (a challenge on a moving boat, but I guess bottom tracking or GPS could solve for boat speed
    • LOWER COST (I have not been able to buy any boats since moving to UKCEH as we have not had the budget to do so!)