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Kevin ObergKevin has been very involved in hydroacoustics for more than 30 years. He led a team that pioneered the use of hydroacoustic instruments in rivers and estuaries. His work included training in hydroacoustic methods, providing technical support in hydroacoustics, validation of instruments and software, and development of innovative applications of acoustic instruments for rivers, . He served as the National Coordinator for Hydroacoustics in the USGS until his retirement. Kevin has extensive experience in measuring floods and has measured some of the great rivers of the world including the Amazon, the Paraná, and the Mississippi Rivers. He also has expertise in streamgaging practices and methods, streamgage operation, and streamflow records. Kevin continues to work with colleagues and friends in Argentina, Canada, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, the UK and elsewhere on topics related to hydroacoustics and space-based measurements of rivers.Oberg Hydroacoustics
Retired USGS
David S Mueller, PhD, PERetired from the USGS with over 35 years of experience in modeling and measuring streamflow in rivers, including over 27 years of experience using hydroacoustics for streamflow measurements. Instructed numerous training classes on the use of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) for the USGS and several international water agencies. Author or coauthor of over 70 reports and papers. The original developer of the USGS open-source software QRev, Extrap, LC, SMBA, and EDI. Now the primary developer for QRevInt and QRevIntMS.Genesis HydroTech LLC.
Retired USGS
Kristoffer Florvaag-DybvikNVE
Mikael LennermarkSMHI
Daniel WennerbergField Hydrologist at SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute).
Working with methods development for hydrometry and UAV.
Carlos Marcelo Garcia
José Manuel Díaz Lozada
Ricardo Szupiany
Mic ClaytonBoM
Mark RandallRDMW
Elizabeth JamiesonEC
Tom DavieEC
Alexandre HauetEDF & GDH
Ole RösslerBfG
Hilmar Björn HróðmarssonIMO
Alec DempsterNIWA
Evan BaddockNIWA
Mike EdeNZHS
Nick EverardNick has 35 years’ experience in hydrometry, spending over 30 years working at the Environment Agency in the UK, including leading on river flow measurement technologies and techniques for over 10 years. Nick introduced ADCPs and uncrewed ADCP boats to the EA’s monitoring programmes, and led the development and delivery of training.
In 2020, Nick moved to the research institute UKCEH to dedicate more time to advancing hydrometric techniques, and now works extensively with drone and satellite based techniques.
Nick established and led the Yammer network that predated this forum.
Olly BaldwynEAUK
John A. MazurekUSGS
Travis KnightUSGS
Heather BestUSGS