Mission Statement

“Making Hydrometry Better for Everyone”

The International Hydrometry Group (IHG) is a voluntary working group focussed on advancing methods, technologies, and standards within hydrometry to share with the international water monitoring community.

The IHG will look to formulate technical working groups consisting of industry experts in a particular field of hydrometry.

This document outlines the operational charter of the IHG.

The objectives of the IHG are to share information about techniques and tools for monitoring rivers and estuaries and to represent the goals and needs of hydrometry professionals around the world.

These objectives are, but not limited to:

  1. Facilitate development and testing of new technologies,
  2. Improve hydrometric monitoring, especially of extreme conditions,
  3. Strive for greater consistency worldwide,
  4. Facilitate development of standardised training, testing procedures, and operational guidelines.
  5. Recognition as a representative association for hydrometry.


The scope of the IHG will consist of, but not limited to, the following:

Promoting the groups goals and objectives to the wider hydrometric community.

  • Engage with individuals and organisations that will assist the IHG in meeting its objectives.
  • Engage with those organisations that may benefit from the IHG’s expertise.  
  • Evaluation and sharing of new technologies and techniques.
  • Refinement and enhancement of existing measurement methods.
  • Development and sharing of operational standards and technical expertise with monitoring agencies, manufacturers, and associations.
  • Promote the consistency and reliability of long-term data records, including standard data formats.
  • Coordination of effort between agencies, including sharing documentation, training opportunities, and test results.
  • Provide feedback to manufacturers in a bid to improve measurement techniques and technologies.
  • To undertake information sharing, training, and technical workshops
  • The setting of an annual “goals” list to focus group activities in relation to its objectives.

Membership is open to those organisations willing to commit on a voluntary basis to achieving the IHG’s objectives.

Leadership and Coordination
Leadership roles require a considerable commitment of time and effort to maintain the focus of the IHG in achieving its objectives. To ensure efficient and effective operation, the leadership of the IHG will be maintained to a manageable size while remaining accessible to any organisation who may wish to contribute to achieving the IHG objectives.

  • Leadership meetings will take place approximately every 6 weeks.
  • Meeting minutes shall be documented through collaborative note-taking via Google Docs.

Outreach and Communication
To ensure information sharing and active discussion within the entire IHG, the following resources will be utilised:

  • Share information online, through discussion forums such as the forum on the IHG website.
  • Promote and share group activities via IHG website and mailing lists.
  • When possible, allow guest participants to contribute to the leadership conference calls.
  • Organise online technical events with open invitations to other organisations.

English will be the primary language for the IHG’s activities and publications. Translation into other languages will be considered as and when appropriate.