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    Hi Kristoffer,

    Concerns regarding the potential impact of thrusters on ADCP readings have been comprehensively addressed through meticulous vessel design and rigorous testing protocols. This ensures the unwavering accuracy of ADCP measurements. In our design, the placement of thrusters has been strategically optimized to prevent any interference with the ADCP sensors, effectively minimizing the direct disruption of water flow over the transducers. Furthermore, the inherent blanking distance of the ADCPs serves as an additional safeguard, effectively excluding data from the immediate vicinity of the sensor where thruster-induced disturbances are most likely to occur. This design consideration ensures that the data integrity is not compromised by near-field interference.

    Our commitment to accuracy and reliability is further evidenced by extensive field validation processes and the endorsements our ADCP-equipped vessels have received from Australian and New Zealand water authorities. These acknowledgments affirm the efficacy of our design in delivering precise and reliable ADCP readings, underscoring our vessels’ suitability for high-precision hydrographic surveys.

    Should you require further clarification or wish to delve deeper into the data, we invite you to reach out to us. Our team is readily available to provide you with the detailed information you need. Please feel free to contact us via email at