Reply To: River Bathymetry/Cross-Sections

Nick EverardNick Everard

    Thanks Daniel and Travis!

    A couple of questions:


    • Is the LiDAR data open data?
    • Do you think the available cross-sections could be dug out?


    • Do you know if the cross-section output is there in QRevINT as well as USGS QRev? As installation isĀ  areal hassle with out IT policy now I do not update QRevINT with every new release, so am running 1.18 at present. I see area and width is output in the xml, but no detailed cross section info.
    • Do you know when the cross-section database might go live?
      • And would that data be open to users outside of USGS (such as Copernicus)

    Oh, finally, are there any initiatives to enforce the use of GPS for ADCP data collection? I totally get that Q will most often be calculated based upon BT data, but the added value of the transects if they can be geolocated is such that I’d be keen to see GPS used wherever it is available (I was trying to push for this at the EA around the time I moved on…!)

    Thanks again!