Reply To: River Bathymetry/Cross-Sections


    Hi Nick,

    Bathymetry for the mean cross-section is currently being exported as part of the XML file since QRev version 4.27. Starting with QRev 4.36 the velocity and temperature data based on MAP is now part of the XML. USGS uses Aquarius to store our field visit data which is limited to the data contained in the XML file. USGS is currently working on a Cross-Section database that will pull this data for every measurement in our database.

    As Daniel mentioned, we are working on incorporating alpha and phi computations using SurfVelTool (, now that it has been published, into QRev.

    For more detailed cross-section creation (stitching multiple subsurveys together, adjusting multiple subsurveys to a common datum, comparing cross-sections, and computing channel characteristics) USGS is using AreaComp3. The application is currently in review and should be published later this year for official external use. AreaComp3 also has a tab for channel characteristics and documenting roughness by subsection so conveyance can be computed for the cross-section at specified stages.