Reply To: River Bathymetry/Cross-Sections


Hi Nick!

We do have a complete LIDAR scan of Sweden done by the swedish land survey. I think the average resolution is 4 points square meter, the DEM is in square meter resolution with the four points average to give the elevation.

Bathymetry is more scarce, some rivers have had cross sections mapped as part of local flood risk assessment projects and there is a compilation of data and available cross sections somewhere…

As for SMHI:

We store our measurements in WISKI, but there is not a complete bathymetry import from the ADCP-data. I think we get width and maximum depth, but that is all. We have historically rarely used GPS for ADCPs so there is not much geographical referencing available.

We do however do a fair bit of topo/bathy mapping for hydraulic modelling of rating curves.

I think bathymetry and surface alpha exports from Q-rev is in the pipeline, that could be quite useful if one would want to start building up a database of locations where a surface velocity measurement could be performed?