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AvatarAlec Dempster

    In NZ we have experienced a lot of failures, although the issues have generally been very similar and known issues with the early models. I have verified 24 FT2s through our tow tank and have sent back approximately 7 or 8 for repairs. Xylem Brisbane have been amazing to work with over the years and as Claudine mentioned, lots were done under goodwill other than when a genuine user caused failure!

    -The most common failure was the handheld unit appearing to “Freeze”/stop responding. Even after pulling out the battery cartridge it wouldn’t always respond/reboot. Generally this was caused by a loose keypad ribbon in the unit, requiring it to be opened up and replaced. Another fix to aid the freezing issue was upgrading firmware to v1.7 for a couple of our units.

    – We have had about 3 or 4 probes fail with the low SNR problem. Essentially the early versions of the probe heads had screws that were a bit short and once they started to work loose, this caused the probe head to vibrate. A closed loop system of vibrations and loosening screws continues until a wire in the head is damaged – causing the Low SNR/erratic velocities to be recorded.

    NZ use these devices a lot and I too think they are a big improvement over the FT1 in almost all areas!