Reply To: Fixed surface velocity cameras – Brands/Models?


    Hi Daniel,

    I’m a bit late to post here, did you make a decision? In Canada we’ve had good success with the AXIS P1378LE camera. They’ve been reliable and have good picture quality. One key aspect to security cameras that I’ve found is that they need to record to local storage, typically an SD card. Initially we had set them up to send the video the a raspberry pi via ethernet and found that the videos were being corrupted. We now have the cameras record a video locally to the SD card, and then download them to the raspberry pi afterwards (this is just our setup, you could also skip the raspberry pi completely). I’ve done some programming using python and the AXIS API that I can share if you are interested.

    Other features I like about the AXIS camera: easy to set up masking for privacy, can manually correct for barrel distortion on the camera.