Reply To: QiQuac app


    Thanks for trying out the App Mikael.  Soon this will be the only app you ever use.  It will be a dating app, a flow measurement app, a “Find my… car, spouse, offspring, keys, airpods, dignity, ambition” app.  It will suggest a meal to prepare simply by taking a photo of your fridge, based on estimated expiration dates.  We estimate it will offset 2 tonnes of CO2 annually, per user!  It will plan parties and invite people much better than you based on your instagram web of followers.  It will invite influencers and track where they are in the party and suggest selfies for maximum exposure.  It will tell you if you should paint your house red or yellow (Swedish version).  It will guide your poetic endeavours, or end them, depending on how it’s AI engine feels that day.  It will likely be the last app you ever use, for various reasons.  All this with Fathom’s Guarantee.

    Now that’s a donkey you can take the bank.

    Thanks for setting up this forum!  I’m already finding it therapeutic.